Yesterday I had some frustrations during my run because of my dogs. My big dog made things extremely difficult. It was okay though, the miles I put in were only recovery miles from the 8 miles I did on Saturday. I got out there though, I walked most of it and ran a little bit. I took it easy and watched the sun set as I went around the lake. I left feeling inspired and ready for the week.

My run today…. well.

Not quite as inspiring. It was raining so I over dressed. Lesson learned. It was annoying running with the jacket around my waist but I was burning up after half a mile. I took off from my house and headed to the park. All I could focus on was how tight I felt and the pain that I had in my legs.

That was not the run I wanted to have. When I got to the park I stopped my GPS. I took a few minutes and stretched out more and started over.

I tried to have a fresh start, but within a few minutes the pain came back and I couldn’t work through it. I slowed down and set my GPS to a run/walk interval of 3:1. Maybe that would make the workout more bearable. By the end of the first mile I was almost exclusively walking. I couldn’t get my head right. Things hurt. My side was cramping. My legs were tired. It wasn’t my day.

So I finished the last mile and a half playing Pokemon Go. Yeah, I am a super nerd who still plays from time to time. Seeing Pikachu in a santa hat made me smile, but didn’t take away the defeat from this bad run.

Tomorrow I have spadework on my training schedule, however I think a rest day might be a better call. We will see. Gotta take it one day at a time.

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