Just 20 Minutes

One thing I started doing last year was telling myself “only 20 minutes.” That is less than a TV show. If I do 20 minutes and want to keep going AWESOME. If I want to stop after doing 20 minutes, at least I did the 20.

Todays workout was 19:25. It started out with a good pace, but then as soon as it got dark my motivation to keep going ended. I finished around the trail and went to my car to go home.

I kept my run streak alive and I might try again on the treadmill later tonight. I was supposed to get 5 miles in, 3 tempo tonight. So now I really just have 3.5 miles. That is easily do-able. I might just forget about the tempo for today though. My personal troubles are really taking a toll on me today and it has been difficult. We might get 5-10 inches of snow this weekend so I need to get as many miles in now while I can in case my long run is on the treadmill this weekend instead of with the team.

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