Another Step Outside of my Comfort Zone

Today I got out there and did 3 miles. I took yesterday was a rest day and so I couldn’t skip out on today’s training run. Thankfully I told Amanda this and she stayed on my ass to make sure I got my miles in. We are also on the same Fitbit challenge group and RTY team so there is no faking it.

So I got it done. I pushed myself and did a 9:45 mile for my first mile and then slowed down for my last two. I stopped for a picture with a cute puppy and overall it was a great run. Weather was in the 40s and I wasn’t over or under dressed. School was out so I got to run around the school near by. (.5 mile, good for future speed work)

Now for the comfort zone- tonight I went to my first Yoga class. It was a team Yoga event at Studio Bamboo.  I enjoyed it, it was a relaxed atmosphere and I felt great afterwards! I learned some new stretches I will start incorporating in to my routine. It made me really want to start daily meditation again. I am glad that I get these free Yoga classes for the next three weeks on Monday nights. Definitely a great team perk.

Tomorrow I need to get some speedwork done. Then I have an event called “Runners Reflections.” Basically we will be getting together as a team and listening to people share their stories. I am looking forward to an extra boost in motivation and feeling more connected to my team.

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