Playing with my new toy

As I wrote on Instagram I wasn’t feeling my run yesterday. I thought about skipping when my husband came home and wanted to watch one of our shows together. It would have been so easy to just now go. I knew attendance at the run would be a little less, because J&A was at a college basketball game promoting a race in April. Basketball isn’t my thing so I opted to run. I missed last week’s tempo run having sushi with friends. I almost met up with the same group last night, but it was in Norfolk….nah. Since I was missing all that for my run I forced myself off the couch and out the door.

I went thinking I would probably do an easy 4, but the novice plan was at least doing 5, so okay… easy 5. I got there and my normal running group was no where to be found! Uh oh. I had to decide if I was going to stick with some of the girls that I started out with last Saturday or run alone. I decided to go for the social aspect. I don’t know if it was how I fueled that day, or what. I had the energy for the run, BUT it felt like I was going so much faster than I was. I was kinda surprised that the average pace was only 10:17. I expected it to be in the 9s. But I stayed with the pack and pushed myself so I left feeling really good about my run.

This was an exciting run for me, because yesterday I got a new toy! I made the investment in a Garmin 235. In December my pacer gave me her old Garmin 610 and that was working just fine. I loved being able to see my pace real time. My Charge 2 always added some extra distance which looked great because it looked like I was WAY faster, but it is hard to train that way. I was having a hard time, because I liked following my Fitbit stats because the heart rate information was interesting to me. BUT I couldn’t feel good about sharing those stats. For example last night was a 5.65 at a 9:17 pace according to my Fitbit. In reality it was exactly 5 miles, 10:17. Who wants to get to race day and feel like they are going full out and then end up a minute slower per mile than they planned when they see their chip time? This happened to me at my last race of 2016. I was annoyed because I thought I was pushing myself and going much faster than my training only to find out I was about a minute slower per mile than I thought I would be.

I have been watching the Garmin prices for a few months and these things retail for over $300. I knew it was the one I wanted, especially since I could change my music with it. Also, because it had the HR monitor. Which I am always warned that it isn’t the most accurate and all of that, but I don’t need a scientific level of accuracy. Just enough accuracy for me to be able to check out the chart and see how I am progressing and how hard of a workout it really was. On Monday I found one on the Facebook Marketplace for $200 new in box. (Of course I look today and someone has a 630 for the same price, reminding myself that the 235 is what I really wanted anyways because of the HR.) I am unemployed right now (and actively looking if anyone has leads) so even $200 was a hard decision to make. I went with it though because sadly the 610 stopped syncing. I don’t know what is going on with it, but I lost my race information from last week which really makes me sad. Fortunately I ran with another woman the whole time who posted the run on Strava. I was able to see my splits that way. I had been looking at the 235 refurbished and used and rarely saw it below $220. So when I saw the marketplace item I decided to just go for it.

I am loving it do far. Some of the stats that it gives me I don’t even understand yet, but I am excited. Today is a rest day but then I will run 6-8 miles with the team tomorrow and then I have a 10K on Sunday. I am super excited about that race. I will definitely be wearing my Falcons jersey, if only I also had a red and black tutu. 😉 My 10K in October was 01:10:22. I am hoping to get 1:05 on Sunday. Then I have an easy 3-4 miles before Yoga on Monday…. speedwork Tuesday…. then finally a rest day Wednesday. SO I will definitely be putting it to good use! Excited to see some data!!

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