Ice, Ice, Baby

I put the Love Run behind me and set my sights on my Long Run Saturday with the team. First though was a little Running event at one of the local running stores, Running Ect. It was a women’s night sponsored by Brooks and Garmin. There was wine and beer with some snacks. Then there were sports bra fittings, watch demos, chair massages, and shoe fittings.

When it comes to running I recognize that I am lucky that I don’t have issues finding a sports bra with the right amount of support. In an effort to save some money I didn’t even bother with the sports bra fittings. I did enjoy a wonderful massage though from someone who goes to my old gym, Wareings. (I miss my gym.) I also got an updated shoe fitting!

I had been fitted a year ago when I first started running and was put in Nike’s Structure 19. Other  options were the Omni 14 from Saucony, and the GT-2000 from Asics. All shoes were a stability shoe to help with pronation, in the last year I have had all three in my rotation. When I started my fitting I told Drew all about my knee and shin issues. He watched me run with and without shoes and noticed a slight pronation, but he guessed that having too much stability may actually be causing me more hard than good. So on Friday night I was fit with my first neutral shoe and walked away with Brooks’ Ghost 9. (Runner up was Nike Vomero 11, Brooks Glycerin 14, and Asics Cumulus). All great shoes, but I am very happy with the option I walked away with.

I put them to the test Saturday morning during our long run. I was really nervous about this run, because of my issues over the last week. I went out intending to do 12, but knowing that I would be happy to just make it to the water stop and back (6 miles).

The run began and I listened closely to my body. It was feeling okay. I was enjoying my new shoes with no issues, but my knee and calves definitely didn’t feel 100%. My biggest fear was getting a serious injury two weeks before the Princess Half Marathon. I knew that 12 wouldn’t be in my plan today. I was okay with that. I was very fortunate to have two other women who weren’t feeling 100% for their own reasons. We pushed through together and made it to BoneShuckers, the 5 mile mark. We kept pushing until we made it back to the water stop, around mile 7.

At this water stop I was still feeling something nagging at the back of my head (and inside of my knee) to take it easy. I was relieved when Tasha told the two of us that she needed to listen to her body and rest. Cindy went on ahead and I was more than happy to stay back and do whatever it took to finish the last three miles. They were slow ones, but we did them. I FINALLY ran with Tasha too! I have written about her a few times intending to run with her and then thinking she was further ahead or looking around and not seeing her and missing the chance.

Taking it easy on the way back was just what I needed both for my body and my spirit. It was just nice to talk with Tasha and share some of my story while also learning more about her’s. That is one of my favorite things about this running team, everyone has a story and we have more than enough time to listen and share it on these long runs. We got though those 10 miles together. They weren’t easy and the problem with walking is it takes a lot longer to finish, but if I could go back to 7am Saturday morning I would do it all over again the same way.

When I got home I tried one of those dreaded ice baths. I have heard from more than enough people that they are worth it and WOAH. That was miserable. I was on the phone with a friend which helped create a distraction. Thing is – I didn’t even put in ice, I just used cold water. I will work my way to ice, because I think it did help a bit. I will keep doing more ice baths to verify the theory.

I finished up my weekend hanging out with Tara at a meet event and then having a date day with the hubby at O’Connors Brewery. Looking forward to these next two weeks flying by so I can be surrounded by all things Disney!!

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