Let’s get it started – Shamrock Expo

I will never forget how totally overwhelmed I was at the Shamrock expo last year. It was my first EVER race, the Shamrock 8K. I was so afraid that I would get those looks from the “real” runners and the marathoners knowing I was a fraud among them. I had no idea what to wear. I had no idea if I needed any fuel. When signing up I didn’t even really know my pace.

This year was so different. I was SO excited to go to the expo. I was excited to hear the speakers, I was excited to get my bibs. I couldn’t wait to connect with my friends. I was least worried about the 8K, a race and distance that stressed me out so much last year.

The Shamrock Expo is awesome. It is smooth getting your packet and your ID check for beer.

Next you get your t-shirt. I also love that they make changing your size a breeze. This is also where I started connecting with my pace group friends.

The J&A store is HUGE! Last year I didn’t feel any connection to the J&A name, but I did purchase my first car magnet. I got the Dolphin Challenge magnet, going from the 8K to a 29K magnet is such an exciting upgrade! It was hard to resist getting a few more J&A t-shirts. They had a “We run this beach” tank top that was calling my name, I resisted and instead got another cup. I started collecting pint glasses last fall from my races.

Then we were funneled to the vendor fair of the expo. They had great discounts on shoes and so many other fun running items. My group all purchased matching TreadBands shamrock headbands to wear on Sunday when we ran together.


There was too much to see so I didn’t get to watch the speakers like I had planned. I did get to meet Bart Yasso and he signed my (his) book for me! 


After that it was all fun times with my girls. We finished with an AWESOME dinner at an Italian restaurant because wine… I mean, because carbs! Haha!

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