I survived Shamrock: 2017 Dolphin Challenge (8K recap)


Let me start out with an exclamation …. I DID IT! WOOHOO!!

Okay, now that that is out of the way. This is one of my favorite and least favorite races/weekends ever!


It started out with the 8K on Saturday. No big deal. I planned to walk it with my friend Cindy and her sister. Cindy hadn’t been feeling well and her sister is new to running. I didn’t want to burn out my legs before my half so I was thankful for walking buddies.

I showed up bright and early around 6:30 and parked across from Murphys, right at the starting line. One of the J&A training team perks was having a warm place to hang out before the race. Murphy’s is definitely our pack den. It was great being able to go there and connect with everyone before the race.

Finally it was time for the race… BUT FIRST a few pictures!


I was glad I had a throw-away jacket. I was chilly! We started off by doing a light run for the first mile before slowing down to a walk. When we were ready to slow down Cindy’s sister was ready to keep going! Unphased, we kept our walking pace and enjoyed the crowd and the energy of the race. About half way through we decided to take a quick bathroom break. Why not? When you’ve gotta go and time isn’t a factor.

Around mile 4 we saw some of our Team Fearless pace ladies cheering us on. It was the first time I had ever had friends cheering for me during a race, it was really exciting even though we were just walking.

Finally it was time to pick up our pace and finish “strong.” When we got to the finish line we heard our coach cheer for us on the side. That was super exciting, and we had our moment to skip across the finish line. Why not? Except we were TOTALLY upstaged in our race pictures by this awesome little kid. He definitely earned it!


We met up with Cindy’s sister at the finish line and enjoyed the free swag and photo ops.

It was an awesome post-race party. I was bummed to give up my beer tickets, but my eye was on the half the next day. I celebrated my 1 year runaversary though surrounded by my wolfpack friends.

This is a race I will do as long as I can because of the special meaning it will always have as “my first race.” It is also just a very well run event with great swag. You can’t beat the after party!

I spent my night in between races eating sweet potatoes, staying hydrated, stretching, and watching Beauty and the Beast…. oh an obsessively researching how to run in the cold rain. Uh oh…


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