Run-Cation Girls Trip: Monument 10K

Shamrock was a few weeks ago, but it was already time for our next race. A few months ago six of us from the team planned a girl’s trip to Richmond for the Monument 10K. We had heard so many great things about the race. It was Tasha’s birthday the night before and so it was the perfect excuse for a quick get away race-cation.



When we got to Richmond we went straight to the Expo. If I am completely honest the expo was a disappointment after Shamrock. The space seemed too small, the vendors were cramped and uninteresting. There weren’t many fun photo ops (I know weird critique). It was confusing going from the packet pick up to the shirts. I do love the shirt though! It was cool finding my name on the wall of runners and seeing the J&A booth though!

We then headed to our air-bnb in the city. It was a really cool space! We took some time getting ready and then went out for Tasha’s birthday dinner and drinks at some Irish bar.

When we got back to our air bnb we fought to figure out how to work the lights and fans (we never 100% figured it out) and got ready for the race the next morning. This also included writing on the tag wall in one of the rooms.


The next morning we woke up and Tasha and I headed to Starbucks for a little pick-me-up. When we were all chatting in the living room. Tara mentioned that she thinks that she heard a mouse during the night. I laughed her off thinking that it was just paranoia after we had seen a few droppings in one of the kitchen drawers the night before. NOPE!!! Not paranoia…. there was DEFINITELY a mouse. Melody named her Josie. She would take sugar packets from the counter and then go eat them behind the toaster oven or in the drawer. The wall she enjoyed was the one shared with our bedroom from the night before. I was VERY thankful that we weren’t staying another night. I understand that this is the risk of staying in the city, it was still an uncomfortable experience.

After we said goodbye to Josie we headed to the race. It wasn’t too far away, but we took an extra long route just following the crowd. We had plenty of time though. It was REALLY nice to be in walking distance.


The starting line area was HUGE! The race had over 35,000 people. The lines for the porta-potties were long, but I was glad we took the time to wait in them.


We headed up to the start and our race began!

First impressions: woohoo, this is so exciting! It is pretty warm though! Look at me, thumbs up, ready to rock this easy race. I mean we drank the night before and only got 4 hours of sleep. We aren’t going to take this race seriously… right guys?

That first mile was an 11:06mm. Easy. Perfect. It was just our training pace. No big deal.

Our second mile was a 10:34mm… uh guys?? It is hot. I am not hydrated for this. What are y’all doing?! No one was saying anything though… Okay… lets keep having fun with it I guess we can do this pace for a bit.


Mile 3 was a 10:31mm… Why are we getting faster?! I mean I am not PR fast, but I definitely didn’t expect this. Fortunately at this point some of the other girls echoed the thoughts in my head. So we went faster… WAIT WHAT?! Yeah mile 4 10:11mm. We went a lot faster!

I was smiling and cheesing it up for the camera… but I was dying. Joanne decided to take a break and walk. Melody and Tara sped up some. I was fighting to stay in the game with Tasha and Erin… but I was hurting… cue the worst race pic I think I have ever taken… all of my chins came out to play.


Ugh… it hurt. My chest was tight. Breathing was hard. I just wanted to finish. Mile 5 was 10:13mm and mile 6 was 10:09mm. THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN GUYS!!!

That last .2 was an 8:28mm. Why?????????????

Then it was done.

This is how I really felt.


But I cheesed it up for some fun pictures and faked it. Easy to do since I was SO happy to be done with that crap.

It wasn’t a PR for me, but it was for a few of the others. It was fun to celebrate with them. We walked around the finish line festival before going back to the air bnb to head out of town.

I did enjoy the race, even though my hydration and mental state made it a miserable one. The crowd support was amazing! The whole community came out and there really wasn’t a boring part of the course. It is definitely a race I will do again, hopefully though if we make it a girls weekend, birthday celebration again we will either take it easy on our pace or I will prepare in advance to actually run a race.


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