Crush n Run 5K

This race was announced in February and I initially didn’t plan to sign up, because I was already running another 5K that same morning. Then more and more of my J&A team signed up for the race and the temptation grew to ditch the first race and just run this one instead. This race also had a training team that met every Tuesday for 5 weeks. The training team perks were scheduled runs, free crushes, and a free t-shirt for attending 4/5 group runs. I am a sucker for a free shirt. Okay, you’ve got me. When I went to sign up I realized that this race didn’t start until 10:30… my other race started at 8:30… both COULD be done… Even the week before the races I wasn’t sure if I would really do both. The night before I even considered dropping the first one. I had already told too many people I was doing both. I decided to just make it work the best I could.


That morning I went to Norfolk and got a PR at the Kettle Krush 5K. It was a small race of only 261 finishers. I was pleasantly surprised that this race had over 1200 runners.

Parking was kind of a nightmare, but I still made it in plenty of time to use the bathroom and socialize with my team. It was so much fun, I knew so many people there. The starting line situation was kinda crazy because there were so many people with no real directions or corrals. It was the first year of this event so they got a pass. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the whole team together for a good picture.

We started out on the boardwalk going MUCH faster than I planned. (See a pattern when I run with these girls?) When we got to the sand I gave it a rest though. My legs were tired from the first run of the day and I reluctantly slowed my pace. I hate getting left behind, but I knew it needed to be done.

I enjoyed a really nice walk along the beach. Every time I tried to pick it up for a slow jog my legs SCREAMED. So I took it easy the rest of the race. I still finished in 32min somehow. I was passed by friends and team mates who tried to encourage me to keep going. I just laughed it off still high on my PR from earlier.

The after party was tons of fun! I had plenty to drink and enjoyed my favorite food truck! They had lots of free stuff and my team was every where. Definitely one of, if not the best after party I have been to.

I am already looking forward to this race again next year!

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