Crush Your 5k Run Club

It has been a week since the Crush Your 5K Run Club ended since the big race was on Saturday. I am actually kinda sad I am not going tonight, although that wouldn’t have been my feelings on it a few weeks ago.

Here are the details on this run club:

If you love hanging out at Waterman’s, Chix or the Shack drinking an Orange Crush more than you dig running distance, then our Crush Your 5K Run Club is for you! This training club strikes the perfect balance for Crush Lovers looking to add a little running to their repertoire—while also enjoying a Crush or two at Waterman’s. We believe everyone needs a reward for taking the initiative to get out there and run, so join our Crush Your 5K Run Club today, and let the fun begin!

Here’s the skinny on the club…

  • The Crush Your 5K Run Club is FREE to join and spans five weeks leading up to the Crush N’ Run 5K & Beach Run—all we ask for is your enthusiasm and participation.

  • The CY5K Run Club will start and end at Waterman’s every Tuesday evening, beginning March 6, 2018. Participants will meet on the boardwalk at 5th Street right in front of Waterman’s, and will run a predetermined course that will be posted on the Crush Your 5K Run Club Facebook page each week.

  • Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Whether you run 5 miles in your sleep or have never run a single mile, we encourage you to come out and join the fun.

Definitely got my interest! I planned to do the run club before I knew I would for sure run the race. I needed motivation to run after Shamrock.

Week 1 was March 7th. Just one week after I came back from Disney. I was tired, but with Shamrock just around the corner I needed to keep the running going.

The posted the routes and I figured I would run a really easy 2-4 miles. Tara even offered to slow her pace to stay with me. I was looking forward to it.

When we started the North End Run club lead the event. It was announced that there was a 5 mile route, a 3 mile route, and a 1 mile route. He announced that if you are a 6-8minute pace you should do 5 miles. Then he went on to say the next route is 3 miles for those 8-9 minute pace. Well…. okay. Then he casually said that anything slower would be the couch to 5K people doing a down and back 1-2 miles on the boardwalk.

I was really put off by this presentation. While I don’t think he meant anything by it, it still stung a little bit. I am a 10:30-11mm runner. I know it isn’t super fast, but I have come a long way in the last 6 months and I am proud of my pace. I am especially proud of my endurance improvement. I had just ran 13.1 at Disney the week before and Shamrock was right around the corner. I felt like he was saying not to bother with longer distances if you aren’t fast. Maybe that isn’t how he meant for it to come off, but several others around me got the same vibe.

I still did 3 miles that night, faster than I planned, but still no where close to a 9mm. Since it was faster than I planned it wasn’t comfortable. I didn’t feel good during it or after. I was self conscious when I came back to Watermans even though I know no one was paying attention. That was the other thing that turned me off. Everyone seemed to keep to themselves. I know that my J&A training team is a special group of people. We welcome and support anyone regardless of where they are in their running journey. Especially early on when I didn’t know anyone there was always someone coming up to me asking what my name was and making me feel welcomed. This wasn’t that, which is okay. No one seemed mean. No one seemed judgmental, it just didn’t have the same open door feeling that I am used to.

I stayed for the picture and was rewarded with two free orange crushes. That was worth it. Super tasty and I had some good conversation with a few of my J&A team mates.

Week 1 wasn’t what I expected at all, but I made it through and I was one run closer to my t-shirt and my race day goals.


Week two was the week before Shamrock. I went in to week two knowing what to expect. I showed up and there were significantly less people with the absence of the North End Run Club. This time the announcement was different. There was no mention of pace related to your distance. They decided that they would make running on the sand an option like it would be on race day. Pretty neat, but not for me since I was days away from Shamrock. I planned to just do an easy two miles down and back on the board walk.

This time one of the pacers greeted Tara and I. She was super inviting and took the time to check on everyone doing the shorter route. I really appreciated her bright energy. It wasn’t a good run for me because my calf completely locked up 1 mile in and I was almost limping back. It was still a much better experience than week 1.

Week three was a few days after Shamrock so I skipped this one. I wasn’t feeling it after that brutal race. They had intervene training and yoga. That would have been really nice, but it wasn’t enough to bring me back to the Oceanfront so soon after Shamrock.

Week four I was back! Well sorta. Tara and I went rogue for this one. The route took us under the bridge and in to some of the neighborhood areas. Tara and I decided we wanted fun bridge pictures and had an easy walk/run/stop for pictures night. I honestly didn’t pay much attention to if they were discussing paces or anything. I showed up planning to do what I was going to do.

I think you know where I am going with this – WEEK FIVE!

I almost didn’t make this one. My strength and conditioning class at Direct Performance started the same night and went until 6:15. I showed up after everyone started running. The oceanfront was a lot busier since it was Spring Break season. I did an easy walk down the boardwalk with my husband enjoying the beautiful weather. I also got my shirt! The after party was really nice, we headed down to Chick’s and used our free Crush token there since Watermans was packed!

Overall I give the Crush your 5K Run Club a 3.5/5. It got better the less pressure I put on myself and the more I lowered my expectations and just went out committed to following my own rhythm.

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