ODU Big Blue 5K

I just love J&A races! I loved them even before I joined the J&A training team. They are always well organized and have wonderful after parties. Now I actually have a family of people to enjoy the after parties with! Even better!


My husband joined me for this race. He hates doing packet pick up the night before (he isn’t really that in to races if I am being honest.) I didn’t force him to drive to Norfolk twice, we just did packet pick up in the morning before the race. It was a smooth process and gave me an opportunity to scout out real bathrooms for after the race. Definitely a perk!

Before the race I met up with my team and connected with my pace girls.


It was a “smaller” race so it was really easy to all get in the same corral and stay together.

We started out strong….maybe too strong… okay definitely too strong. It was much hotter than the winter months than we have been training in. Our first mile was a 9:29mm. It was on pace with my PR a few weeks ago at Kettle Krush. But it was much hotter this time.

I really wasn’t feeling it. I slowed down as Erin and Joanne moved away. Mile 2 was a 10:12mm. I started doing a walk run pattern and let my husband move ahead. I looked over and found Tasha who was still with me. We weren’t feeling it today. It was so good to have her with me as we chugged along to the finish. Our last mile was an 11mm with a lot of walking in there.

Do I wish I could have gotten another sub 30 5k? Well, of course. However, I don’t think I was ready for that heat just yet. I need more training. This race started at 10:30am so it was much hotter. Also, while it was a smaller race, it was still MUCH bigger than my PR race. Like I said in another post, I do better with really small races because I feel more pressure to keep the pace without slowing down.

I have another 5K the first weekend of May. I will work on pacing and focus on making that race about negative splits. Big Blue was all about the friendship and the after party…. which was AWESOME!

I had a lot of fun dancing with my husband and hanging out with my training team friends. My only complaint was that I wish the after party would have lasted longer!!


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