5 Miles for Wear Blue: Run to Remember

Every Saturday between December through Shamrock (March) the J&A Training Team would meet at Murphys for a long run. In December I thought a long run was 4-6 miles. By the time March around I had several double digit runs under my feet that began at Murphys on a Saturday. Now that Shamrock is behind us my Saturday mornings have been empty, unless it is a race day. I was excited that someone organized an unofficial run for Saturday!

Well, I was excited until my alarm went off on Saturday morning. I laid in bed debating sleeping in a little longer. I had a military ball that night and I knew it would be a late night for me. Then I got on Facebook and saw the RSVPs of my friends and decided I needed to show up. (because I said I would) Just as I came to that decision Tasha sent a text asking if we were still on for 8:30… FINE I’ll get out of bed. I can’t leave my girls hanging and I knew I needed the heat training after Monument and Big Blue.

So I showed up and put on some sunscreen. As soon as I got there I was greeted by my pack and I knew I had made the right decision. We decided to do an easy 5 miles over the bridge and back.

Before we headed off I ran back to my car to get some medals to donate for We Finish Together. I had been carrying them around in my car since Shamrock and I kept forgetting to make it to Murphys when I found myself at the Oceanfront. I saw Kim was there and I wanted to make sure they got to her in case she finished her run before I made it back. (Kim is the founder of We Finish Together)

All medals are donated by a community of runners, swimmers, singers, triathletes all across the US to be given with a handwritten ribbon message and handmade tag to someone who needs to know they have the support and care that they may need to get them through whatever challenges face them. No “need bar”, other than keep the medal close, know that we are always holding your hand.


There were four of us from the Team Fearless 11minute pace group and we were joined by Kim.

We started out down the boardwalk at a nice 10:40mm pace. Quickly we felt the heat and slowed to an easy 11:22mm pace. We were talking and laughing each step of the way. About half way through our run we made it to the bridge where we took a few selfies to celebrate reaching the top together.

Kim took the picture of all of our shoes and the bib she was wearing. She told us all about  CPL Victor Toledo-Pulido and the organization Wear Blue Run to Remember.

Our running community serves as a support network for those preparing for a deployment, living through a deployment, recovering from a deployment and healing from loss sustained during a deployment.

With every step, wear blue creates a living memorial to the service and sacrifice of the American military.  And on race day, our wear blue Mile allows all runners to pay tribute to the service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  It is a reminder that Freedom isn’t free – it was bought and paid for by men and women in uniform.

What makes us unique is we do not run to raise money, we raise money to run.  Being a member of wear blue requires no fundraising commitment or membership dues.

For the next few miles we ran together and shared stories of those close to us who are currently serving and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It was a special run for me as a military spouse and not one that I will forget.

We eventually finished our five miles walking when the heat got to be too much for us.

When we returned to Murphys we enjoyed each other’s company over brunch and frozen mimosas. Really, the perfect way to end any Saturday morning.

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