2017 J&A Corporate 5K

Even before I joined the J&A Training Team I LOVED going to J&A races. They always were very well organized with great swag and awesome after parties. Now that I am on the training team J&A events are just THAT MUCH BETTER! It is now a fun run and a party with some of my favorite people.

I wanted to do all of the J&A races this year, but there was one on the calendar that I was a little anxious about; The Corporate 5K. You may already know that in December the contract that my company was working on was given to another company, leaving me and all of my coworkers unemployed. Finding my next employment opportunity hasn’t been quick or easy. I had been hoping that I would be picked up quickly and maybe by a company that already had a team for the Corporate 5K. As the race came closer I let it sink in that I would probably just be running as an individual. I really wasn’t excited knowing I would be alone while my teammates were with their companies.

Then someone posted about making a J&A Training team for the race! I think I signed up within 30minutes of that post. I wouldn’t be an individual, I would have my Wolfpack with me. Suddenly, I was looking forward to this race just like every other J&A race!


The day of the race some of my team was taking the Tide in. I was running a little late and I liked having my car close so I could leave at any time so I drove myself in. I arrived about 15minutes before they closed the road for the race. Traffic wasn’t bad and parking traffic moved smoothly.

It was easy to find my group with our bright orange shirts hanging out by the J&A volunteer tent. Packet Pick Up for this race is done by a single team captain instead of for each individual person. My packet and bib was waiting for me at the tent along with so many of my team members.

We had a few photos taken, including this one of my Tuesday/Thursday night workout group at Direct Performance.

And of course a big team picture of the whole J&A training team. There were some people who already headed to the starting line or who were with their company, but we still had a good group!


This route was very similar to the Kettle Krush 5K where I had my PR a few weeks ago. I didn’t plan to PR again, instead I had hopes of just holding negative splits.

We started out at a 10:21mm pace. We had planned to start at a 10:45, but 10:21 felt right with the crowd and it was much more reserved than our last 5K together where we started at a 9:25mm pace or something. (We burnt out fast).

I loved this route! It took us by the new Waterside District in Norfolk. It was the first night of their soft opening so there were tons of people watching us as we went by. The down and back course also gave us an opportunity to see some of our faster team members and cheer them on.

Keeping with the narrative splits mile 2 was a 10:06mm. The other girls I was running with were going for a sub-30 so I fell back from them and finished the race with mile 3 a 9:59mm for an average 10:07mm; 31:26. It felt good. The finish line was a lot closer than Kettle Krush was so I didn’t dash to the finish as long, I probably could have shaved 30 seconds or so off my time if I had known how close I was to the finish. Oh well, who really cares anyways? I finished with lots of energy and even skipped across the finish. I crack myself up sometimes.



After the race we were supplied with a medal, water, a koozie, and a banana. I met up with my friends again and we got a few good pictures in the stadium before leaving to collect our beer.



The after party was great, just like every J&A race. The beer was good, the music was upbeat, and the company can’t be beat. I didn’t miss not being there with a business, I was so happy to have my friends by my side.

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