One Month with Real Flexi Hampton Roads

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.33.07 PMIn February I was lucky to win a raffle during the 2.14 Love Run for one month of Real Flexi membership. I had never heard of Real Flexi, but I was excited to activate my membership when Shamrock was over and I would have more time and energy to take new classes.

Before I dive in to my experience- check out the basic information from the Real Flexi website:

Real Flexi is a flexible fitness company that is reinventing your gym membership. Real Flexi provides access to the best fitness studios, classes and events with one membership.

Members are able to take unlimited classes each month and visit each studio partner up to 4 times within a billing cycle.   There is no long term commitment and members can cancel at anytime.

When I signed up I was contacted by Nicole, the area coordinator for Real Flexi. She was AWESOME making sure I knew about upcoming events, recommending studios I may enjoy, and answering any questions I had about using my membership. It took me a lot longer than I planned to sign up, there is always an excuse right?

I joined planning to try out some of their strength training classes. Unfortunately, my sore muscles from my strength training at Direct Performance made me less than enthusiastic about going for a HIIT class or other strength training classes. I ended up only taking yoga and barre classes.

The first studio that I checked out was Pilates-4, Virginia Beach. It is located in the same shopping center as Running Ect (my favorite local running store) which makes it a dangerous location for my wallet. The studio is a large carpeted space. Most everyone went barefoot for the Barre class. They also had pink TRX bands hanging in the back of the room, but I didn’t have an opportunity to come back for a TRX class. The instructor hadn’t heard of Real Flexi, but still welcomed me to the studio and got me set up with the equipment that I needed for class. It was Spring Break when I went so several ladies commented that it was a larger class than usual. I didn’t feel crowded and there was a good variety of ages and fitness levels. I first want to say I LOVED the music that the instructor chose. The class was tough, but it went by very quickly. The class was a little too large for individual attention, but everyone seemed to catch on well.

Regular Membership Cost: $69/month with no commitment ($49/month with 12 month commitment)

Price per class drop-in: $10

Group Class Offerings: Barre, small group equipment, mat pilates, TRX

Visiting Restorative Therapy Company started out a little stressful. It is tucked back in the shopping center, I passed it twice. It is inside VB Physical Therapy & Wellness. If I had read the website I would have known that. Oops. When I walked in I was greeted by the instructor who helped me carry in the blocks, blanket, and strap needed for class. I brought my own mat, but I think they had a few extras. I told her about my knee issues before class started and she gave me suggestions for possible modifications involving the blanket. It was a Foundations level class, even though I already knew how to protect my knees, I appreciated that she went out of her way to make sure I would enjoy the practice without discomfort. I LOVED this class. It was a very small group and she came around and gave everyone individual attention and adjustments. I felt SO GOOD leaving class. We also used the blocks and the wall in ways I never had. It was a really great class!

Regular Membership Cost: $55/month

Price per class drop-in: $15

Group Class Offerings: Yoga and meditation (other individual services also available)

I visited Barre Fusion at the oceanfront for another barre class. I was hesitant to try this one because I had a hard time finding information about this studio online. The day before I saw that some of the Tone It Up girls took a barre class here so I felt better about signing up. (Their Facebook offers more information than their website.) I really loved this class. Everyone was really friendly when I first walked in. Not just the instructor, but the class regulars took time to get to know me too. Everyone helped me get the right equipment and I felt so welcomed and comfortable by the time class started. One thing that they didn’t advertise on Real Flexi or Facebook that I wish I had known before I had gone is that socks are required here. Maybe this is standard for barre, I haven’t taken enough classes to know. I bought a pair of their studio socks before class since I wore flip flops and didn’t have an extra pair of socks in my car. Thankfully I had the cash on me. The class was excellent, I loved the instructor too. I got “piano legs” several times during the class. The instructor offered modifications of all the exercises so that they would be appropriate for every experience level.

Regular Membership Cost: $59/month

Price per class drop-in: $20

Group Class Offerings: Barre (other classes are offered too, but not available with Real Flexi)

I could write a whole blog post about Studio Bamboo. This is where I started my yoga practice with the J&A training team. I was SO excited that they became a Real Flexi studio a few weeks ago. They have limited offerings at the Virginia Beach location, but most (all?) of their classes at the new Chesapeake location are offered as part of the Real Flexi membership. I love the staff and the instructors. I haven’t had a single class that I didn’t enjoy and I love that using real flexi saves some of my punch card classes for another time. When I visited the Chesapeake location for an early morning class during their first week of being opened I received an almost private class. I learned more in that class than I have in several months of practice. It was awesome!

Regular Membership Cost: $109/month

Price per class drop-in: $20

Group Class Offerings: Yoga


I had planned to try more studios, but those are the only ones I was able to check out this time around. I had been on the fence about continuing Real Flexi for another month. Not because it isn’t a good value (it really is), not because they don’t have TONS of awesome classes (they really do), but just because I know I have other commitments coming up in the next few weeks. They do have some amazing specials going on right now though, so I think I will give it another month to encourage myself to stay active and continue to make non-running fitness part of my routine.

I also didn’t get to experience one of the coolest parts of Real Flexi- their events!! They partner with local fitness studios to put on awesome events that are FREE to members. Tonight they have “Crafty Circuit- Featuring MY Ride” at Back Bay Brewing. They have done several barre and yoga themed events over the last few months with more planned. I wish I could make it tonight, but I don’t think it will happen this time. Events are also opened to non-members for a small price (tonight is $15) so you can always invite your friends.

Overall- Real Flexi is an awesome program and a great value. There are a variety of different options happening at all hours of the day. It is VERY affordable for the variety of classes when you consider what a membership at just one studio would be. They are expanding across Hampton Roads too.

I did a quick Google Map to show where they are already, I think I may be missing studios though. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.33.07 PM

Check out the Real Flexi Facebook for their latest specials and events!

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