November Project: Crate Escape 

Once again stepping outside of my comfort zone with a new-to-me group.

I’ve seen these people run before. They are FAST! So the thought of doing 5 miles with them in-between training seasons didn’t sound like something I was crazy about doing. But again I had a few good friends convince me to give it a shot… what else was I doing that morning anyways?

To get you caught up- here is the post from the Facebook Event:

The Crate Escape is a new unique and innovative way for combining fitness and story telling. We will be hosting this event on Sunday July 30th and it will be unlike anything we or you have done before.

It will be a slow group run through the city that we love (Virginia Beach) with guest speakers / story tellers from within our #NP_VB tribe. After the run we will all meet at a location TBD for brunch then followed by a social on the beach.

Lineup is in no particular order, Your story telling speakers are:
• Emily – Fear
• Nic – Failure
• Rin – Moving
• Tyler – Positivity
• Lania – Joy
• James – Decisions
• Rehn – Risk
• Julie – Travel

Each story teller will be talking for about 4-6 minutes. Each about a completely different topic (listed above) #thetribeisstrong

I didn’t know these people. I didn’t know their stories. I didn’t know what “slow” actually meant to this group. SO MUCH ANXIETY!

But I went, and I am so glad I did. It was a beautiful (hot) morning. We took a route that I had never been on before before going to the boardwalk where I have ran countless miles. I had a few good friends there, but many people I had never seen before. It was a beautiful combination of what I knew and what I was afraid of exploring.

Each story had something that I could relate to. Every mile we were all brought closer together. It was a really special way to spend a Sunday morning.

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