Oh September

Another race weekend has come and gone. Also, a whole freakin month has passed since Rock n’ Roll and I have been pretty MIA.

I went to a few long runs on Saturdays, but there was one I missed due to work. One I missed due to motivation. I skipped way more individual runs than I completed. It wasn’t a strong month for me. I was completely broken down emotionally and mentally. Some real talk here.
I have anxiety and depression. They play together and bring out the worst in each other. Usually, I am able to stay on top of things and manage both fairly well. Sometimes they both come at me and hit me all at once. That was most of September. Bad day after bad day, it can be hard to find the light and find the motivation to get out there. Then when I do get out there, I don’t really care to share my experience, because the pictures feel like I am lying. Or I just feel like honesty will look like I am seeking attention.

A few good things did happen in September though!
Every Monday I went to Yoga with the training team. One awesome team perk is we get 4 classes with Ann from Studio Bamboo. She does a special “yoga for runners” class for us. In the classes, we learn some of the best stretches to do before and after our runs. I am far from the greatest at remembering to actually DO them, but at least I have the tools to know what I should be doing.
I got a different type of strength training workout at Go Ape in Williamsburg. I then made an extra effort to climb at The Adventure Park in Virginia Beach for a real workout. GoApe was a little too elementary for me, but still a good time.
I had a few good long runs with the training team including boat ramp selfies and trails.
In September I had the opportunity to try the new Redmill CycleBar! The class was a lot of fun, it was even better knowing a few people also in the class.
One afternoon I did a few trails with Tasha before yoga. Great views, even took a few cheesy running pictures to post on Instagram or on here… that didn’t happen. I also had a good run after work where I matched my car! Also, those pictures were never uploaded. It’s the run that counts at least.
Part of me wants to find the pictures that I have from each of these activities and share them here, but also I don’t want to. I kinda want to leave September in the past if that is alright with you. Moving forward and finding a new routine in October!

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