Feliz Halloween!

I wish this was a post about how amazing it was to Run Wicked this weekend! Unfortunately, I could not run this incredible race this year. Fortunately, it was for one of the best reasons – I’m in MEXICO!

My husband and I arrived last Wednesday and had an incredible few days with his family. We got to be there for his parent’s vow renewal, that was a very special experience. We spent several days relaxing in the sun by the pool or on the beach. This place really is paradise.

I brought my Wicked cup from last year so I could keep the spirit of the race with me all week. That morning I tried to run around the resort, but I did not go very far. A .25mile loop around the resort isn’t very captivating for a long run and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the resort. While I didn’t finish any6thing close to a 10K I am still glad to have ran a little with my team in my heart.

Last night my husband and I went to this incredible park called Xplor! We went a few years ago during our first trip to Mexico, and the second time was even better! We did zip lines, cave swimming, rafting, and we drove ATVs. It was a very physical adventure and an absolute blast for my husband and me.

Today is sadly our last day, but I am so excited to head home and start working towards my Shamrock goals! My goals for Norfolk Harbor are out the window after the awful September, Birthday craziness, and then vacation prep followed by the actual vacation. I was afraid this would happen when I joined the Fall training team. It happened and now I just have to adjust.


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