Final Fall Training Breakfast

I am finally back in the groove after vacation. I had a killer 7 day work week. Being manager on duty I had to miss the first training run after I got home, and for the same reason, I missed the training run before I left! I keep missing Thursdays because of work or other commitments. I was DETERMINED to make the run this morning.

I work up a little later than I wanted to. That lead to me getting out the door a little later than I wanted to. Naturally, when I got in my car the low-pressure sensor went off and my car let me know that one of my tires had dropped to 22psi. I was too nervous to make the 15-minute drive on the interstateĀ so I did the responsible thing and filled up before hitting the road. I then spent too much time googling something I don’t even remember now… it seemed really important at the time! So I got to Murphy’s 10 minutes after the team left.

I pulled into a parking spot thinking that I might run out and hope to catch some people heading back in. Then I considered just going home. Finally, I had the wake-up call that the reason I showed up wasn’t for the actual run, it was for the team! So I turned on my car and left…. to go help at the water stop!

It was a great way to spend the morning! I got to see my friends, I got to help the team, and then I got breakfast! It really summed up what this training team was for me this season, more about the people, less about the running. And that is just fine by me!

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