Gettin’ Nauti

Well, I did it! I made it across both finish lines and I feel really good about this weekend! Was it the exclamation point at the end of a great training season? No, no it wasn’t. That is okay though, even making it to this weekend after the last few months feels like an accomplishment.

The 5K on Saturday was the most fun I have had while running in SUCH a long time. I did an easy run/walk with some incredible people listening to 80s music and laughing the whole way. It ended with a strong finish Breakfast Club style.
The Half on Sunday wasn’t as fun. I started out with friends and had a very solid first 10K. Then the wall started creeping up on me. I was running alone and all my doubts creeped in my head. I started over analyzing every small ache trying to tell if I was pushing towards injury. I wasn’t, races are supposed to feel uncomfortable, but the doubts were all around me. I found myself looking at all the runners around me hoping to find someone on the team to help me find my way to the finish. Finally, I just faced the facts that this was a challenge I had to finish alone. It was HARD. That last mile and a half was brutal hearing the finish line celebration, but knowing that I wasn’t close enough to celebrate. When I came across the chalk art tears filled my eyes. Inspirational quotes and Wolfpack messages guided me to the finish. A final hug from Kristy sent me running to get my medal and then I was done. The pain of the last 13.1 miles wasn’t as powerful anymore. I did the damn thing.
I am both disappointed and proud of myself after this weekend. It was a hard road leading to the race and an even harder road finding my way to the finish line. Going into a half so unprepared mentally and physically isn’t something I want to experience again. At the end of it all, I am proud of myself for getting out there and doing it.

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