Turkey Trot 10K

This race was EXACTLY what I needed to get my head back in the game! I had a disaster of a Fall training season followed by a race weekend which should have been a grand celebration, but instead, I was just relieved that it is now behind me.

Every year since we moved to Virginia Beach we have gotten notices on our door the week of Thanksgiving informing us of a road race blocking our street for some time on Thanksgiving morning. I wasn’t a runner until very recently so I mostly ignored them. The idea of running a 10K, especially on a Holiday dedicated to eating just sounded silly. (I don’t think I even knew how far a 10K was). Last year I went to West Virginia to visit family for Thanksgiving, so the race never made it to my calendar. My out of town Thanksgiving plans fell through two weeks ago, so I signed up!
I worked late the night before so I couldn’t make it to the early packet pick up. This meant I had to get up extra early so I could get my bib before the race. It was cold and my bed was so warm. My husband was still sound asleep. I rolled out of bed and as I was drinking my coffee I was debating skipping this one. I mean, it is a holiday. I also just ran a half marathon four days earlier. Finally, after exploring every excuse, I sucked it up, laced up, and headed out.
When I arrived the race atmosphere pulled me in. Packet pick up was difficult to find because I had never been to the YMCA and there were tons of people waiting inside blocking any signs that may have been out and causing any volunteers that may have been posted nearby to blend in with the crowd. Fortunately, I not only found where to pick up my packet, but I also found a few people from my training team to hang out with before the start.
The race itself was a weird one for me because I have run every part of that course during my normal training runs in my neighborhood. Every street had a different memory. I started out doing 5 min run and 1:30 walk intervals. This worked really well for me. I didn’t burn out and my average pace was exactly where I wanted it to be. I did have a few “targets” along my course. People I picked out to try to catch up to during my run interval. I thanked one of them after the race for staying consistent.
The run felt good! Not amazing, I was definitely glad to be over, but it was reassuring to know I at least have a solid 6-mile base going into marathon training. I have 16 weeks to nail down the other 20 miles. (yikes!) Totally worth getting out of my warm bed, holiday or not. 🙂

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