Christmas Town 8K

I ran this race last year and I remember it more than almost any other race I ran last year. I almost didn’t sign up last year, intimidated by the long-ish drive out there and the hills in the park. The morning of the race I finally listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and that is what I ended up listening to the whole race. I remember there was an attempt to take a Wolfpack picture before the race. I went to the location where they were going to take the picture but I didn’t recognize anyone. The launch party hadn’t happened yet, the first training team run was still a week away. It was my last race I ran truly alone.

This year there was no attempt for a pre-race picture. When I was sitting in my car to keep warm before the race I found Linda and Andrew, friends from Run Disney. I ran out to see them and their super cute costumes, always Disney. I ended up running this one solo, but you are never really alone when you don’t know when you will see another member of the training team. There were several of us out there! I just love this race. The perks are nice, but getting to run half the race in the Park is just a fun experience. It is a race where you want to sacrifice time for selfies. The after party may not have any beer, but the hot chocolate is amazing and there are plenty of photo ops with the Chick-Fil-A cows.

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