I am an active 20-something who loves adventure. My previous adventures included concerts. After I quit my job to tour with an alternative rock band the music world lost a lot of it’s appeal. Where do you go from being “with the band?” It was very hard for me to return to the general admission audience and I didn’t get the same joy from the shows as I used to.

I started running in 2016 as a way to lose weight, beat boredom, and set an achievable new years resolution. Running and fitness is the only resolution I have ever completed and I am excited that it has become part of my lifestyle. I love the adrenaline rush and the medals at the races. I love the community that running allows me to be a part of. I love┬áracing along side 100s of people, but only competing with myself. I have knee problems from years of dance, so I don’t know if I will ever be a fast runner, but that doesn’t stop me from always trying to improve.

During the time in my life when I dove headfirst in to music I got the nick name RockAnneRoll. I am thrilled to carry over my love for music and incorporate it with my running hobby.